Meet the Pakistani doctor who is risking his life to fight against coronovirus in China

Dr. Usman from Pakistan is the first foreign doctor who volunteered to treat people infected with Coronavirus in China.


Doctors are messiahs – Dr. Usman has further strengthened the trust people have in this noble profession. By risking his own life and volunteering to treat the coronavirus-infected people in China, Usman is a hero for Pakistanis and Chinese both. 

Hailing from Dina, Jhelum, Dr. Usman is a Pakistani teacher at Changsha Medical College. He became an international hero after becoming the first foreign doctor to volunteer to treat the patients suffering from the latest Coronavirus outbreak. 

“I salute you. Our friendship with China is not just rhetoric. It is a special relationship between the two countries,” said Salman Ali, one of Usman’s Pakistani students. 

29-year-old Usman dreamt of becoming a doctor since he was young. He is a graduate of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Usman completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2012 and came back to Pakistan to practice medicine for four years. 

However, China always held a special place in his heart because it provided him with an opportunity to fulfill his ambitions. After completing his education, he became a foreign teacher at Changsha medical college.

“The news said the epidemic area is now the lack of medical staff, I am a doctor, I love China, I would like to go to the Wuhan, epidemic area to help the doctor!”. 

After the Coronavirus outbreak became the topic of the town, Usman formally applied to the foreign experts’ service office of the Hunan science and technology department to provide Wuhan with medical assistance. 

“The staff of the foreign expert service sent me the methods of epidemic prevention and virus isolation every day, asking me to protect myself and solving many difficulties for me,” Usman said, as reported by the Gulf News

Usman further said that the Chinese government is taking care of them and will soon defeat the virus outbreak.

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