A Pakistani Doctor Saves Life Of A Yemeni Man 8000 Ft Above The Ground

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear stethoscopes as well. Pakistan undoubtedly has the most dedicated doctor’s force, who are passionate and determined to serve the humanity under the circumstances when hope starts to fade away.  Not just from inside their clinics and office rooms, even in more challenges situations like being in a war zone or 8000 ft above the ground, a doctor knows his duty and will not be hesitant to perform it.

Doctor Mehboob Hussain Malik is one of them as well, whose gesture along with showing his burning passion and dedication to his job also contributed in sending a message to rest of the world that Pakistan doesn’t lag behind in his field.

Dr Mehbood Hussain was travelling to Colombo from Dubai in UL226. During his journey, he heard the announcement being made that if there’s any doctor on board. A Yemeni man’s health started becoming progressively worse. He was shivering, lying helplessly on the floor. The crew members were standing with him, asking questions and quite clueless about what to do. Luckily, Mehboob was present there and without wasting a second, rushed to perform his duty.
He narrates the incident in detail on his Facebook saying:
“I introduced myself to the Chief of staff,  she asked me for my ID and started to tell me about the condition of the patient. I checked the ABCDE, The Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure (ABCDE), basic approach for a medical emergency. Placed an Oxygen mask to help him breathe, I started to maintain his temperature and covered him with blankets and took his temperature, blood pressure and Pulse regularly’’

After this, his condition was soon out of danger. Mehboob adds that he wasn’t allowed to prescribe medicine on the plane so he had to treat him without it.
Dr Mehboob also writes on his Facebook how he felt immensely proud due to the acknowledgement and appreciation that he received. Here is what he had to say:

Apart from a thankyou letter, he also received 15000 miles of travelling as a gift from the Srilankan airline. So proud!

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