India's major entertainment channel airs Pakistani dramas AGAIN after 3 years

These are the ones that will be shown!

India and Pakistan have undoubtedly boarded a never-ending relationship roller coaster ride. Most of the time, things between the two countries are hostile, but there are rare instances when relations seem cordial.

Due to rising conflicts, India and Pakistan had banned all art, entertainment, and cultural exchanges. However, more than three years of dryness have started to blossom a little. India\\’s major entertainment channel, Zee Entertainment Enterprise, has decided to air Pakistani dramas through the channel\\’s Zindagi platform.

The Zindagi platform tab is available on the channel\\’s digital app Zee5. This platform will feature the latest Pakistani shows that include Ehd-e-Wafa and more.

The drama Humsafar, starring Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, broadcasted in India before this. This airing made the two Pakistani actors considerable celebrities in the neighboring country evident from the fact that they garnered many Bollywood movie offers.

According to the authorities, the owners of Zee5 will not only showcase Pakistani content but delve into the content of other South Asian countries. The plan is to make Zee5 a diverse South Asian diaspora that is broadcasted around the globe.

According to Arab News, Momina Duraid, the creative head of Hum Network Television, expressed her utmost excitement for the new development in pursuit:

It is a proud moment not only for Hum TV but also for Pakistan that our programs will be watched by a much larger audience worldwide. It is a win for our cultural values and norms as the entertainment industry is the most vital tool to present and sometimes elevate a society\\’s status.

The manager of Zee5, Amit Goenka, stated:

Zee\\’s strength has always been its ability to narrate unique stories, connect with billions of audiences worldwide, and offer different content genres. The audience has always appreciated Zindagi for its premium content offering and culturally rich stories worldwide. These attributes make the channel far more attuned to the digital audience sensibilities.

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