The most INSPIRATIONAL male characters in the recent Pakistani dramas that we must admire!

Breaking stereotypes, for real!

The Pakistani entertainment industry has often been under the scanner for the inappropriate representation of men and women in its dramas. Yes, there have been great roles, but they have been very far and few between. Most dramas these days either show husbands who are easily swayed away by other women or negative characters.

However, things seem to be changing, and we have seen a few inspiring male characters in recent Pakistani dramas.

Let’s take a look at some male characters from current dramas that have inspired us and made us celebrate manhood on the screen!


Wajdaan (Kashf)


Wajdaan is a simple yet level-headed and intelligent character in drama serial Kashf and this what sets him apart from many other leading men in Pakistani dramas. Despite countless challenges, he has never stepped down.

He is in love with Kashf and would do anything to win her over! From taking a stand for Kashf when she was labeled manhoos to working in the astana only to be around the woman he loves, Wajdaan has proved to be a real hero.


Ali (Tera Ghum Aur Hum)


Ali, a man with a solid character played by Zain Baig, who has the courage and integrity to stand by his woman. Despite having a ‘reluctant’ partner, he has never been confused about his feelings for Mahi. Ali knows how to make things easier for his wife by putting her first.



Aziz (Sabaat)


Kind, gentle, and insightful, Anaya’s father in Sabaat is a breath of fresh air. We rarely get to see such characters who are perfect fathers and husbands. Aziz knows his responsibilities and carried them out effortlessly. What is most pleasing about his character is that you get to see how he impacts the people around him and doesn’t hear other people talking about it.



Abdul Ala (Alif)


This list of inspiring male characters will be incomplete without Abdul Ala, who was the most layered and remarkable character of drama serial Alif. The entire story of this dignified aged man where he uses the lessons he has learned to change someone’s life made him a character that should be on this list.

Abdul Ala’s conversations with Momin were remarkable as well as game-changing. He wasn’t just talking to Momin but to every viewer out there who never had the time to self-reflect. Abdul Ala’s connection with Allah and all those conversations he had with Momin was the highlight of the drama serial Alif.

He was a character inspiring in ways utterly different from all the other characters in this list. Manzar Sehbai’s outstanding performance made this character even more powerful.


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  • “That we must admire” I dont want to admire, please do not force your likes and dislikes on others!

  • I am not sure about others but Abdl Ala is a character that should be a role model for the upcoming generation of artists. The effortless manner in which Manzar Sehbai justified his character, his body language, has loads of lessons for the newers.
    One more thing, it’s a good that male characters are also being brought to light instead of female glamor.

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