How a Pakistani engineer revolutionized the field of medicine in Pakistan

Abdullah Butt, is an engineering graduate that turned entrepreneur delivering IT solutions across a wide classification of industries and sectors.

Pakistan is one of those unfortunate countries that lag behind in the field of medicine. However, not everyone is sitting idly. Abdullah Butt is an engineering graduate-turned-entrepreneur who is delivering IT solutions across a wide classification of industries and sectors. However, his world flipped upside down when he came back to Pakistan to look after his aging and ailing parents.

When he returned back to the country, his mother was suffering from heart disease. Her treatment in Pakistan became complex. It is when Abdullah realized that was wrong in the field of medicine.

However, from his visionary mind and enterprising nature, he looked up for an opportunity rather than the gap. He availed the opportunity to fill the gap between healthcare facilities and patients. He used this opportunity to employ his expertise in IT for use in healthcare efficient. And an opportunity to serve the nation.

Identified the Problem:

Abdullah identified the problem and then started thinking and implementing it, as someone has to take the first step. Speaking from Pakistan’s perspective, there is one doctor for 1000 patients – and that is the root cause of everything that is wrong.

When he started to analyze further, he found out that the majority of the medical graduates don’t practice, which is why Pakistan lacks quality. A significant number of female doctors, due to marriage and other family issues, are forced to discontinue practice as well.

And that is what particularly inspired E-Doctor.

How E-Doctor was developed:

Abdullah had his bachelor’s in electronic engineering and vast experience in IT Houses of Pakistan. He had a strong grip on telecommunication as well. All he had to do was to come up with an out-of-the-box idea – and he came up with that.

Abdullah Butt developed E-Doctor, an app that is for non-practicing females doctors to acquire online medical training.

Bringing the Change in Medicine:

Back in 2013, Abdullah Butt pitched this idea to the government and non-government organizations. In April 2018, the E-Doctor platform was launched and became one of the most successful technology-based endeavors in the medical department.

Abdullah Butt and his team are now going to inaugurate another application in March 2020, which is going to connect doctors and patients. This project is already being followed in the European Union’s underprivileged countries, and it will definitely make a significant impact in Pakistan’s context as well.

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