Pakistani Engineers Can Now Write ‘International Professional Engineers’ With Their Names

GOOD NEWS FOR PAKISTANI ENGINEERS: They can now proudly write International Professional Engineers with their names!

The development came after the Washington Accord (IPEA) and PEC (Pakistani Engineering Council) finalized an agreement. According to it, the Washington Accord granted PEC the authority that they can accredit its engineers with the title of International Professional Engineer. Following the agreement, the title can be given to engineers belonging to all departments.

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After both prestigious bodies reached the agreement, the permission was granted to PEC on 29th June 2018.

Chairman of Pakistan Engineering Council Jawed Salim Qureshi showed his positive sentiments on the occasion saying that the target he and his team set for themselves appeared to be impossible initially but now they have achieved it after prolonged efforts.

‘’It was the most difficult target which I gave to myself and my team. Alhamdulillah, the dream came true because of your prayers. Be united to achieve other bigger targets for Engineers’’ – he said.

The agreement will benefit Pakistani engineers in many ways. They will now be considered equal to any international professional. No other Pakistani degree or profession yet can enjoy this incentive and take this advantage.

They can also apply to jobs worldwide now and Pakistani companies working abroad can directly hire them without compromising on quality, competence, and international standards.

PEC also announced that it will make efforts for future prospects of engineers and make it compulsory for all companies working on CPEC projects to hire 70%  Pakistani engineers as well.

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