Here are all the celebrities who called out the Pakistani entertainment industry for its obsession with “Gora Complex”

Here's everyone who blatantly called out colorism in Pakistani industry.

It’s hard to imagine a future where Pakistan’s beauty standards will have shifted to real beauty. People here are too obsessed with the “gora complex” and using whitening creams and beauty filters.

However, lately, many organizations have started to call out the problematic beauty standards set in the country. Many brands are following in the footsteps of these organizations and coming up with real beauty campaigns. Several celebrities are actively participating in these campaigns too.

Previously, celebs like Amna Ilyas and Mansha Pasha took a shot at the problematic beauty standards of Pakistan. Dark-skinned celebs like Aamina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed, Amna Ilyas, and Zara Abid, have worked for years to make a place for ‘brown’ women in the mainstream entertainment industry.

Amna Ilyas has always been very vocal about colorism in the entertainment industry. The actress shared the type of comments she faced growing up and throughout her career to make a point. Calling out the industry, she said:

The top five actresses (in the biz) are light-skinned, and those that weren’t have made their skin lighter to be part of the race.

Now actress Ghana Ali has also joined the crowd. The starlet thinks it’s high time Pakistanis reduce their obsession with white skin.

However, the Reality-Check kicks in eventually

Although several people are more vocal about the issue in general, they often give in to the beauty standards society keeps propagating when situations call for it. Presently, mainstream media only pushes the perfect beauty ideals at us, which makes it hard for people to love themselves for who they are.

Even when showbiz is criticized for their wrongdoings, the authorities still don’t learn. Recently, people called out how there’s a lack of dark-skinned actors in the biz. So the producers and directors created a TV serial where Ahmed Ali Akbar used make-up and editing to play the lead role of a dark-skinned man. Meanwhile, actual dark-skinned actors like Salahuddin Tunio and Gohar Rasheed continue to be typecast as antagonists in supporting roles.

All of this may seem harmless until subtle conditioning takes over people to the point they start hating themselves for how they look. Many people are now voicing their concerns and exclaiming that it’s high time mainstream film and television start producing responsible and relatable content catering to the average Pakistani.

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