WATCH: Reputed Pakistani fashion designer starts producing COVID-19 protective suits

Asim Jofa and his team partnered with Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPGMC) in Karachi.

Renowned fashion designer Asim Jofa is giving back to the country’s medical community by making protective gear for healthcare workers.

“Being a responsible Pakistani, it evoked a feeling in me to step up and help in whatever capacity I can”, Asim Jofa said.

Due to the shortage of resources and medical facilities, doctors, nurses and health professionals are often made to deal with COVID-19 patients without proper protective gear. This puts their health and lives in danger.

To fill the gap between demand and supply, Jofa and his team partnered with Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPGMC) in Karachi to ensure that the suits are up to international standards and as per expert guidelines.

“The suit is being made with PE material suitable for medical use. We are also researching on more materials which can be used”,

he said.


The suits are still in the sampling process, and will soon be ready for production.

“I’ll be able to tell the proper time required for its making and how many suits we can make at once a second sample is reviewed [by both Jofa’s team and the medical team consulting]”, he added.

Jofa hopes that this initiative would encourage other brands to follow.

“It’s a small contribution on our part… All the caregivers, including doctors, nurses, paramedics and people who are in the frontline fighting for us are our national heroes, and I admire their courage for rising to the challenge”, he said.

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  • Great work Asim..This is the need of the hour for every Pakistani to contribute in whatever capacity they can.

  • Its good .. jazakallah
    It’s better that all the fameous brand should calloborate in this regard with each other with medical team ..this is the time to stand up together

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