How a video of a Pakistani father kissing his daughter exposed the ugly side of social media

Offensive claims by social media users have upset the bride and her father

  • A video of a Pakistani father affectionately kissing his daughter on her wedding day was shared on social media with offensive comments by the Indian politicians and media.

The State Joint Secretary of The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) Delhi, Anima Sonkar, shared the video with the caption, “What will this be called? Because in his most celebrated TV series Mr. Secular Amir Khan did not show any social evil in Islamic society.”

The BJP Delhi leader, Gaurav Khari, shared the same video on Facebook and wrote, “After making her sign the Nikahnama, maulvi blessed her in a special way.”

The ABP News journalist, Astha Kaushik, shared the video saying, “Even the bride’s mother and friends will not grab her in this manner. Elders give affectionate blessings.” This tweet drew over 7,000 likes and more than 2,000 retweets.

After the beautiful video of Father and daughter’s pure love was getting attention for all the wrong reasons, the Facebook page ‘Islamabad style icon’ uploaded the video with the caption, “Now my daughter begins a new life. I want her to remember that her father will always be there for her.”

After that, the company, ‘Zamal & Saman Photograph,’ who covered the entire wedding, shared a post on their Facebook and Instagram pages. They said, “Offensive claims by social media users have upset the bride and her father.”

The wedding photography company had also shared the clip on their official social media accounts but took it down after it was used for a vulgar narrative.

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  • Yep kon se shariat hair jis main bap apni bety sea nikah nama per sign leta hair ?????

    • It is possible that father himself conducted Nikaah. So, he is the right person to get signature.

    • !!باپ بیٹی کا ولی ہے وہ دستخط کا گواہ نہیں بنے گا تو اور کون

  • They cannot appreciate the divine parental love because they are obsessed
    With rape and abduction and day dream about sex.. Indian media is full of these stories ?

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