From Iman Ali to Sarah Khan: Here’s what these popular female celebrities have to say about feminism [VIDEO]

Here's what they have to say.

Feminism refers to the set of movements that aim to define, establish, and defend women’s rights. It may involve the pursuit of equal political, economic, and social rights alongside equal opportunity.

However, the concept of feminism in Pakistan has hit hard on some groups such as conservative individuals or civil society organizations who disagree with this equality and feminism concept. 

Here is what some of the biggest female celebrities have to say about feminism

Mahira Khan

Last week, Mahira Khan appeared on Mira Sethi’s talk show. While speaking about female empowerment and how she aims to address women’s problems in Pakistan, Khan stated that there is a thin line between educating the masses about the problems and triggering them.

Addressing the ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’ slogan, Khan explained, “When I say Mera Jism Meri Marzi, I do not mean I want to strip my clothes off and run around naked. It means that I am an individual, and this is my body, so it is my choice whether I allow you to stare at it or touch it or not. It means that I can report you if you don’t comply, and I can take action against you if you harass me.”

Iman Ali

In 2020, actress Iman Ali appeared on ‘Say it all with Iffat Omar.’ During the interview, Iffat Omar asked Iman about her stance on feminism.

The actress replied that feminism is a way of celebrating womanhood and not about women trying to be like men. She said that the true definition of feminism needs to be understood before judging it.

Sarah Khan

In a recent Q/A session on her Instagram stories, actress Sarah Khan said she is not a feminist because she thinks women enjoy more power than men.

Explaining why she is not a feminist, She wrote, “Women have greater power than men, why fight for equality?”


Sarwat Gillani

In a recent interview with Mera Sethi, actress Sarwat Gilani confessed that she isn’t a feminist herself. The Churails actor said that toxic masculinity is the worst virus. I won’t say I am a feminist; I feel a man has his own place.

She added, “I feel there’s a certain time where women do need men, no matter how independent they are.”

Momina Mustehsan

In a 2018 interview, Singer Momina Mustehsan revealed her thoughts on feminism and how it can be intimidating to the conservative world.

During the video, Momina described what empowering women and feminism would mean for different countries and different cultures.

Pakistani Singer Momina Mustehsan Is Sending A Message Of Feminism To The World

Pakistani singer Momina Mustehsan wants to help the conservative world embrace feminism #IWD2018

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  • IN 10/15 years when Radical religious people will rule Pakistan. They will all be fine tuned. The extreme Right wing Mulla brigade and Extreme Left wing (Feminists)are the same.

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