Rising stars: Pakistani female scientist manufactures ‘edible plastic’ from mango seed

Though it has been done before, she is the first one to create it using mango pit or seed.


  • This is the first time edible plastic has been created from mango seeds. 
  • It is an unconventional and sustainable solution to the pollution problem. 
  •  5.25 trillion pieces of plastic and five huge garbage patches are choking our marine life in oceans. 

In a positive step ahead, Pakistani female student successfully manufactured edible plastic from mango seed earlier this year. Researcher Dr. Anjum Feroz from Karachi University, who is pursuing her doctorate in KU’s food science and technology department, came up with the idea. She manufactured it as part of her Ph.D. research project.

The plastic is made using mango waste. Though similar products have been made before, this is the first time it has been created using mango seed. But why did Dr. Feroz choose mangoes?

She wanted to create a solution for Pakistan’s pollution problem, which is particularly sustainable in Pakistan’s context. Pakistan, being the fourth-largest producer of mangoes worldwide, can actualize and benefit from the idea.

After six years of tireless efforts and experimentation, Dr. Firdous concluded that kernel of a mango seed can be used to successfully to create a biodegradable film or an edible form of plastic.

You can eat it or dissolve it in water:

Speaking to a local news source, Dr. Firdous said that 60% starch is present in the kernel. By this method, the plastic created is not necessarily required to be thrown away. It can either be eaten or dissolved in water.

”60% starch is present in the kernel. We have successfully developed a method to extract and utilize it to make edible plastic”, she said, while speaking to the said source.

If the starch is successfully extracted and stored, it can be easily used as a raw material over the span of one year.


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