Pakistani Hindus cancel Holi celebrations, record their protest against Delhi pogrom instead

“Our Muslim brothers were being oppressed and killed, and their property was damaged in Delhi''.

Members of Pakistan’s Hindu community canceled their Holi celebrations to show solidarity with India’s Muslim community. They recorded their protest by marching in different parts of Karachi.

The Hindu community in Pakistan comprises of almost 2% of the country’s population. The majority of them live in the southern Sindh province.

Although the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, this year, the Hindus of Pakistan decided to cancel the festivities out of respect and raised voice against Modi’s oppression instead.

2020 Delhi riots erupted on the night of Feb. 23 and led to the deaths of 53 people, primarily Muslims.

“Our Muslim brothers were being oppressed and killed, and their property was damaged in Delhi. It has really hurt us and prompted us to march today. The festival of Holi, which starts on Monday evening will be celebrated but to fulfill religious obligations only– without all the colors and merry-making,” Pundit Mukesh Kumar, one of the march’s organizers, said while speaking to Arab News.

“We have canceled our main events of throwing colors, playing music and showing happiness,” Kumar said

“We urge upon the UN and world community to stop Modi and his government from meting out bad treatment to religious minorities. We also urge our Hindu brothers in India to stand up for the rights of Muslims and other religious minorities,” he said.

“Our Muslim brothers have never been a hurdle to our festival, instead they’ve always protected us,” he said. “They celebrate it with us.”

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  • Pakistani Hindu protest kr rhe hen Holi ka aur Pakistani Musalman bharwe Happy Holi Happy Holi kr rhe hen..

  • It is a good gesture but likewise I would appreciate the same solidarity to be shown by our muslim brothers when Hindus get the same treatment.
    Please note I am not a practising Hindu but respect all religions.

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