[VIDEO] What’s the real story? Pakistani host of Ertugrul’s star speaks out against fraud allegations

Kashif Zameer reinforced how baseless allegations could keep international stars from visiting Pakistan.

The man who hosted Entin Algan, the Ertugrul star on his visit to Lahore, Kashif Zameer has spoken out recent allegations of his being a fraudster. He was accused of paying only half of the promised amount to the actor

He has posted a video message, expressing his disdain with the media for propagating baseless rumors about him

He clarified that he had paid the amount right according to the made agreement. It was agreed between him and the star that he was to pay half the amount before Algan’s first visit, and the rest before his next visit.

He also claimed that there are ‘brands’ that disapprove of the deal. He also argued that the actor would have complained had there been any payment related issues.

Zameer seemed highly disillusioned by the media, and also reinforced how such allegations could potentially keep international stars from visiting Pakistan.

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  • Without inquiry the pakistani media is creating propoganda. Please first investigate on that if there some issues came then discuss that without evidence did,t creat any propoganda

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