Pakistani households and the abuse of domestic workers: Another teenage maid ‘sexually abused, killed’

Soon after the case of Uzma, her brutal torture at the hands of her employers, followed by murder and the dead body dumped in the sewer, another case has emerged. The recent case, with more horrifying in nature, a man has been arrested for allegedly repeatedly raping his maid and then torturing her to death.

According to the local reporting source, 18 years old, Maria was subjected to continual sexual assault. After she conceived a baby, she was then pushed from stairs which resulted in her death. Police registered FIR against the son of a millionaire property dealer, Tauqeer Rafique, and took him into custody.

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A complainant of the case, Javed Nawab, revealed to the police that he himself is working as a domestic helper in one of the houses in the area of Lohari Bher in the federal capital. Nabeel Rafique, who is lives in the same neighbourhood and is the brother of the culprit, asked him that his brother Tauqeer Rafique needed a young female domestic worker.

Following that, he asked his 18 years old poor niece be employed at his place, however, it lead to, what can be called as the worst end to it.

“On his [Nabeel] request, I asked my 18-year-old poor niece Maria hailing from district Khanewal to work at Tauqeer’s house” – Javed said.

“After accepting my offer she moved to Tauqeer’s house in Islamabad” – he informed the police while registering the complaint.

Javed said that he received a phone call from Tauqeer on Tuesday saying Maria had been admitted to PIMS Hospital after she fell from stairs.

“After accepting my offer she moved to Tauqeer’s house in Islamabad,” – he told the police while registering the complaint.

Javed received a call from the employer, Tauqeer, on Tuesday informing Maria had been admitted to PIMS Hospital because she fell from stairs.

“When I reached the hospital I found my niece dead,” – said Javed.

Inspector Ahmed Kamal of the homicide unit confirmed that the victims were not only raped but as the PIMS lady doctor also confirmed after post mortem report, the slain girl was 12 weeks pregnant.

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