Pakistani internet is now upset with ‘explicit’ scenes in Esra Bilgic’s latest Netflix project and honestly, stop!

The comments are floating, again!

Turkish drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul has become a massive hit in Pakistan. One of the best parts about the series is the strong female characters, particularly the female lead ‘Halime Hatun’.

The role of Halime has been played by Esra Bilgic, and people cannot stop drooling over her.

However, the drama has made a connection with the viewers on an emotional level. Since Esra has played the role of Halime Sultan, people have associated a certain kind of personality with the actress.

Recently, a few videos of Esra Bilgic are circulating on the internet. She can be seen dancing and kissing, and Pakistani fans are having a hard time digesting it.

In reality, Halime Sultan was just a role played by the actress, and she is a very different person altogether. The fact that she has been working on other projects as well does not sit well with the Pakistani audience.

Here is a compilation of videos where Esra Bilgic can be seen dancing:

Not just that, but a compilation of scenes from her latest Netflix project Ramo is also uploaded on the YouTube, which has taken the Pakistani internet by storm.

Pakistani viewers have flooded the comment section, showing how disappointed they are. Not just that, some comments even contained hurls and abuses.

The video has gained popularity among the masses. Here are some of the comments reflecting how Pakistanis are upset about it…even when they are completely irrelevant.

Pakistani fans need to make peace with the fact that Halime Sultan was a mere character she played for the drama series Ertugrul Ghazi.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

  • آج سے پہلے انڈیا کے بارے میں یہ لوگ کہتے تھے کہ فنکاروں کی کوئی سرحد نہیں ہوتی تو آج ارتغرل کے بارے میں کون سی سرحد آگئی ہے ۔ یہ کیسی منافقت ہے چند پاکستانیوں کی

  • These comments are from mostly Hindu stani trolls who are jealous of the success of Turkish drama in Pakistan with muslim essence. 

    We never seen them during the projection of bollywood soft pornos & C grade dramas in Pakistan. Now all of a sudden they are active.  Halime Sultan is an actress & protrating a charector is her job.. 

  • پاکستانی مومنین نے تو حلیمہ سلطان کو اُم المومنین کا درجہ دے رکھا ہے، خیر ہے اتنے سے ہاٹ سین تو برداشت کرلیں گے مومنین۔۔۔

  • Pakistanis or the people are saying this are stupid. She is doing acting and it was her role look at the story. Learn from the film the message. What she does in her life is her personal matter. Stupid people been sleeping and voting big criminals like Zardari and sharifs all the Parliament is full of big criminals that is more concern but they stupid people are worried about Turkish actresses personal life.

  • ya thats true its mostly hindu terrorist trolls who are spreading this hatred


    bollywood actress are far worse then this and how come not a single word against them

  • why you forget Turkey half in west? so leave it it happens in drama and movie

    i think u didn’t see arabs and middle east

  • خیر ہے اتنے سے ہاٹ سین تو برداشت کرلیں گے مومنین۔۔………… lol 

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