Jasmeen Manzoor Warns About Imran Khan’s Assassination – Social Media Community Reacts

Journalist Jasmeen Manzoor says PM Imran Khan is on the threat to be assassinated, says to disclose who contacted TTP for the task.

The newly formed government have promised strict austerity measures, that with observing practically, they have met severe criticism for deviating from it every now and then as well. But there has been one thing under constant debate – PM’s protocol and security.

 Ever since he assumed office, his security has been quite a concern for his fan base particularly.

The argument started when legendary Indian talk show hostess Simi Garewal tweeted about his assassination. In a deleted tweet after elections, Simi said that Imran Khan told her years ago that he will be assassinated after he becomes the Prime Minister of Pakistan. As per Simi, a spiritual healer (peer) has predicted that for Khan.

The people, especially his supporters, were very upset over it and drove an immediate reaction. Then later, the tweet was removed but the concerns and horror over it stayed.

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To intensify it, known female journalist Jasmeen Manzoor took to twitter saying that high-placed sources have disclosed that PM Imran Khan. She also said to disclose who exactly contacted terrorist organization Tehreek e Taliban (TTP) to assassinate Khan. Her statement followed by prayers to keep the PM safe.

After her statement on the micro-blogging site, the followers voiced their concerns over the threat and said that PM must take necessary security following the threats he is facing. Here is how the social media community reacted to her:


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