Pakistani man shares his journey of losing 48kg weight in a year ‘without going to a gym’

We totally recommend working out, but well, that is what he said!

A Pakistani ex-pat and self-proclaimed foodie, Muhammad Irfan, has recently completed his weight-loss journey, and the results are inspiring! Just a year ago, this man who really enjoyed his culinary favorites, weighed 135 kg. Now his weight is down to 87 kg, and people are shocked.

In fact, the results were so drastic that he was accused of identity theft by his banker and in-office security, as his ID pictures no longer looked anything like him. His family didn’t recognize him at the airport when he visited Pakistan.

While Irfan struggles with a ton of cajoling, sharing of memories and using old photographs to convince everyone that thin Irfan is still Irfan, let’s get into how this 37-year-old man lost 48 kgs in just one year.

Speaking to a media outlet, Irfan stated:

It all began when I found out that the gulab jamun (milk-based sweet) I had just eaten would take 30 mins of exercise to burn. I was disturbed. I ran for 40 minutes that night at 12.30 am.

Irfan’s interest in losing weight built further when he saw a friend who had recently transformed and lost weight. He desired the same change in his own life, which was impossible unless he bid farewell to his love of junk food.

After finding himself huffing for breath and aching from the strain of movement when walking up too many stairs or long distances, Irfan decided to replace rice and the rotis (flatbread) with grilled chicken or fish and fruits.

Irfan said:

In June 2019, I saw on YouTube that lemon with honey and warm water could help weight loss. I started drinking it then, and I drink it to this day.

Alongside the weight loss drink, he stopped eating. Every time Irfan got hungry, he munched on cucumber slices or lettuce leaves, drank more water, and shunned all treat offers.

Irfan’s day’s diet plan started looking like this:

Breakfast: Either low-fat yogurt with apple or a slice of brown bread and egg white
Lunch: Grilled chicken or fish 250g
Dinner: Salad, fruit

Irfan also shed light on the importance of exercise alongside a well-maintained diet and said:

Of course, at first, I could barely walk. Women and children in a park near my house laughed at me, pointed at me. I could understand – such a fat man trying to run. It was shameful. But I closed my eyes, and I continued. After 15 days of strolling, I began to jog, then another 15 days later, I began to run.

Regarding the physical pain, Irfan said:

I had joint pain in the beginning. But, as people who are into fitness will tell you, ‘if the pain is coming from the ground, it will go from the ground.’

All his effort paid off when results started to show.

Irfan loved his transformation journey so much that currently he runs 12km; half in the morning and another half in the evening. He skips rope – about 900 times in the morning and 900 later on. He walks up ten flights of stairs and generally doesn’t eat dinner while keeping his cheat meals to once a fortnight.

Muhammad Irfan is determined to drop another 12 kgs. Thus he is intensifying his workout and letting go of gulab jamuns. Concluding his journey, Irfan said:

It’s a small price to pay. After all, I wear size M T-shirts and pants with a waist of 32 now; I used to wear XXL and size 43.

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