Pakistani men made hilarious guesses in response to a girl’s ‘Guess What This Is’ challenge

The most amusing thing on internet today!

The \\’Guess What This Is’ challenge has become a popular trend on all social media platforms. Almost every day, men and women are seen challenging each other by posting pictures of anything – from beauty blenders to car tools – to make the other gender guess. Generally, men think they know it all, but the recent installation of the Guess What This is a challenge, stated otherwise.

Keeping up with the trend, a girl took to Twitter and challenged all the men to guess what this is:

For girls, it is effortless to guess the item in the picture, but it became a real challenge for men. The guesses these men made in reply to the tweet were wild! Here are some of these hilarious responses:

Men started off by relating these to ammunition.

Some even thought that they were a board game accessory.

Others made them screws.

We loved how the picture triggered them to consider details.

If it were only that easy.

Some girls dropped hints to help men guess.

But the men kept disappointing.

Some even went back to their childhood.

These men highly entertained us with their guesses and we want the fun to continue. So, we are not going to disclose the real answer. If you think you can Guess What This Is, enlighten us in the comment section below.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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