Pakistani migrant family of 11 found dead under mysterious circumstances in India

Preliminary reports indicate that traces of insecticide were found at the scene, and a chemical smell circled the hut.

On Sunday, 11 dead bodies were discovered in a field in India’s Jodhpur district in the Rajasthan state. Upon further inspection, it was revealed that the 11 people were all members from a single-family.

Locals alerted the officials after finding the bodies. Soon after the discovery, the police launched an investigation into the incident, and forensic experts were called to assist.

Preliminary reports indicate that traces of insecticide were found at the scene, and a chemical smell circled the hut. Regarding this, Barhat said:

We are yet to ascertain the cause and means of death. But apparently, all the members appeared to have committed suicide by consuming some chemicals in the night. There was neither any injury mark on any of the bodies nor any shreds of evidence of foul play. But we have roped in the forensic team and a dog squad to arrive at any conclusion.

Reports state that the family had migrated to India from Pakistan eight years ago. The police revealed that the deceased belonged to the Bheel community and had rented land for cultivation to earn a living.

A preliminary police investigation suggests that the deaths may be a result of a family dispute.

With 11 members dead, only one member of the family remains standing: 37-year-old Kewal Ram. According to reports, he survived because he claims that he was sleeping at a distance from the family’s home.

Currently, Ram is being questioned by the police after losing his parents, brother, three sisters, daughter, two sons, and grandfather (75-year-old Budha Ram). Barhat states:

He claims to have no idea about the incident, which is believed to have happened during the night.

The Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson, Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, said:

In New Delhi, the Pakistan High Commission was in contact with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs to ascertain more details regarding the incident, including the cause and circumstances of the reported deaths.

Further investigation is being carried out to deduce the exact cause of the incident.

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