‘A true Hindu will never support this’, Pakistani minorities unanimously reject India’s citizenship offer

Pakistan's Hindu, Sikh and Christian community unanimously call the bill 'anti-minorities'.

Rejecting India’s narrative, Pakistani minorities have unanimously discarded Modi’s offer to grant them citizenship. Under the controversial Citizenship Amendment Law, India offered citizenship to minorities of the neighboring Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, citing their harassment.

The law excludes Muslims, which has triggered mass protests across India as it is being viewed as an attempt to divide India on communal lines.

Hindu community rejects:

Raja Asar Manglani, patron of the Pakistan Hindu Council, while speaking to Anadolu Agency, has announced that they unanimously reject the offer and no true Hindu will support the hatred propagated on religious lines.

“This is a unanimous message from Pakistan’s entire Hindu community to Indian Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi. A true Hindu will never support this legislation,” Manglani said.

Christian community rejects:

A Christian member of the Pakistani Senate and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Anwar Lal Dean, spoke behalf of Christian community, rejecting the law and declaring it ‘a law meant to pitch religious minorities against each other’.

“This is a clear violation of fundamental human rights. We categorically reject it,” said Dean

“Through such unjust and uncalled steps, the Modi government wants to pitch religious communities against each other,” Dean added, saying that scrapping Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, Babri masjid verdict and the recent CAB are all an attempt to turn different religious communities against each other.

Sikh community rejects:

Pakistan’s Sikh community has also rejected the bill, saying they can feel the fear of India’s Muslim minorities. Sikh representative, Gopal Singh, urged Modi to not push minorities against the wall.

“The Sikh community is a minority both in India and Pakistan. Being a member of a minority, I can feel the pain and the fears of the Muslim minority (India). This is simply persecution,” he said.

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