Pakistani parents reunited with baby born in Makkah after a year

Around this time last year, Bibi Hajra who was in Makkah with her husband Ghulam Haider for Umrah gave birth to a premature baby. The baby, Abdullah was born weighing just a kg, which is why he faced many health complications.

With Hajra and Ghulam’s Umrah visa expiring, they had no choice but to go back to Pakistan and leave their sick baby behind. Abdullah then remained at the Maternity and Children’s Hospital but has recently been reunited with his overjoyed parents.

Abdullah, who had been in severe pain, was kept on a ventilator for 46 days! His parents remained in contact with the hospital, the Saudi government, and the Saudi Ministry of Health while in their hometown of Quetta, Pakistan. In between all this, the parents did not have to spend a penny on their child’s treatment.

Bibi Hajra, who was beaming with pleasure, told Arab News how desperately she had waited to finally meet with her son over the year.

She said, “We had to go back to Pakistan and leave our baby at the hospital because our visas had expired, and then could not return because of coronavirus.”

“At first I was very worried about my child, but the hospital administration remained in contact with us, they would show Abdullah to me through video and would also send pictures,” she added.

Hajra also thanked everyone who had helped with the safe return of her baby, including the Saudi government, hospital authorities, medical team, and the Pakistani consulate in Jeddah.

Ghulam Haider, was also very delighted to be reunited with his son, for which he had waited for over a year. On 15th January 2021, Abdullah was handed to two pairs of craved arms. Haider mentioned about the issue that not a single penny had been taken from them, and all the expenses were looked after by the Saudi government.

The hospital which was taking care of Abdullah handed him to a member of the  Pakistani consulate, who then took him to Pakistan. Saqib Ali Khan said that the consulate had maintained contact with both sides throughout the process.

He said, “The Pakistani Consulate was in touch with the hospital as well as the child’s parents. They gave all the medical facilities and took proper care of the child. Now he is all right and a year old. When he got assurance from the hospital about Abdullah’s better condition, we sent the child back to Pakistan with a delegation where he was received by his parents.”

This is indeed a heartwarming story, and we wish Abdullah a healthy and prosperous future.


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