Pakistani Passport Improves Ranking, But Still The 5th Worst

According to a recent report of Henley Passport Index for the year 2019, Pakistani passport has improved ranking but is still declared among the five worst for international travelling. Pakistan stands only above Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria. The said index is issued by Henley and partners, a global citizenship and residence advisory firm based in Jersey. The recently published report ranks Pakistan at a 101 position out of 105 total reviewed passports. However, Pakistani passport holders can travel to 33 nations of the world without applying for the visa, availing on arrival visa for the said countries.

The first position was occupied by Japan. The second sport was shared by Singapore and South Korea, both having equal ratings. Korean and Singaporean passport holders can travel to 189 destinations of the world without having to apply for a visa. The third position belongs to two countries as well, i.e Germany and France. German passport with its visa-free access to 188 countries. The fourth position was shared by Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Italy. The passport holders of these seven countries can travel up to 187 destinations without a visa.

The stats show that Malaysia particularly has improved their standing in these years, however, dropped from 11th rank in 2018 to 12th in the recent index. Malaysian passport holders having access to 179 destinations without a visa. America and Canada were ranked at 6th and 7th positions respectively, with visa-free access to 185 and 184 destinations. The United Arab Emirates stands on 22nd, improving from the previous 27th, with visa-free access to 164 destinations.


1)            Japan: 190

2)            Singapore, South Korea: 189

3)           France, Germany: 188

4)            Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden: 187

5)            Luxembourg, Spain: 186


1) Afghanistan: 30

2) Iraq: 30

3) Syria: 30

4) Somalia: 32

5) Pakistan: 33



Source: Henly Passport Index

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