Pakistani prisoners get ‘eidi’ from Pakistan Consulate General in Dubai

The financial aid or cash was provided as Eid nears.


The incumbent government has taken serious steps to ensure that the Pakistani prisoners stuck in prisons abroad feel owned rather than helpless. Most of them, particularly stuck in the middle-east, complained in the past that while representatives of other countries come and visit, Pakistan never does. They had to suffer due to past governments’ negligence. But Imran Khan-led PTI government assured to work for their welfare.

Just yesterday, Prime Minister ordered to PIA to send special aircraft and bring back 320 Pakistani nationals from Malaysia so that they can spend Eid with their families. These Pakistani prisoners were the ones who had completed their jail terms but were unable to reach back home as the flight operations between the two countries were halted owing to the regional security situation.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari lauded and appreciated Imran Khan for the considerate move.

“Thanks a lot to the Almighty, 315 Pakistani prisoners, who could not afford to buy air tickets, will be spending Eid-Al-Fitr with their families in Pakistan” – Zulfi said.

He particularly appreciated PM and the current government for taking appropriate steps to ensure welfare and wellbeing of Pakistani nationals abroad.

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Pakistani prisoners get ‘eidi’  in Dubai

The Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai gave cash help to 330 Pakistani prisoners detained in jails in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. According to a press release by the Consulate, Eid gifts were provided following the instructions of the Government of Pakistan.

The support was provided to the prisoners in the form of cash so they can use it for buying essentials. The document stated that it is part of the initiatives of the Consulate for the welfare of Pakistani prisoners.

Before this, Pakistani Consulate also facilitated the release of prisoners and also provided air tickets to 103 Pakistani prisoners for their repatriation back to their homes. Among these prisoners were those who were pardoned by the UAE rulers during Ramadan and also those who had completed their jail terms.

Not just this, 50% of the cost of these air tickets was provided by the consulate from its own budget while the remaining was covered by the community members. Another batch of 49 prisoners from Ajman jail will reach Pakistan soon as well.

Further,  as part of the welfare initiatives, The Consulate provided Ramadan package to 225 Pakistani workers residing in the Labour Camp. The consulate claimed that those receiving financial aid and packages were not paid salaries for the last 6 months by their employer.

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