2620 Pakistani prisoners released from Saudi Arabia, 3423 from UAE jails

Imprisoned Pakistanis given the warrant of liberation from captivity.


Pakistani prisoners set freeImprisoned Pakistanis are given the warrant of liberation from captivity. 2620 Pakistani prisoners are released from Saudi Arabia jails while 3423 Pakistanis are released from United Arab Emirates jails. A total of 8608 prisoners are coming back home.

The federal government has released a report on all release statistics for prisoners. PM Imran Khan sent individual airplanes to bring Pakistanis back home from the jails over the world. 1540 Pakistanis are set free from Malaysia jails and transported to the home through a particular plane. 668 from Iraq, 106 from Qatar, and 113 Pakistani prisoners from Kuwait jails liberated.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his first speech after taking over the government, mentioned Pakistanis and their problems in foreign prisons. They pledged their best efforts to release captives in prisons abroad. PM Imran Khan requested the Saudi prince to release Pakistani prisoners. So far, 2620 Pakistani, are set free from Saudi Arabia jails.

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