This 19-year-old Pakistani self-taught SFX artist has left everyone STUNNED with her work!

This is mindblowing!


Despite the limited resources and exposure, the talent and creativity of Pakistanis are unmatched. This young SFX artist is an example of that. Although Pakistan pays little attention to the artists, she has left everyone stunned with her amazing skills.

Razan Yasin, a 19-year old self-taught SFX artist from Karachi, has left everyone speechless with her talent and skill. She said that she learned the special effects makeup through YouTube videos.

In an exclusive interview with Pakistan’s reputed digital media platform Parhlo, Razan said the first time she did SFX art was in 2017, when the blue whale game was the center of discussion.

‘’I used to watch American Sci-Fi TV shows like ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘the Originals’. These shows had a lot of action and theatrics, and the actors were often seen sporting an ‘almost real’ looking wound or injury’’, she said.

Razan added that she felt fascinated by such a craft.

‘’Later, I looked it up on the internet and the rest is history’’, she said.

When asked how she supports her hobby financially, Razan said that she uses Vaseline and makeup.

‘’I also use wax for different purposes, blending the scar wax on the skin to make it look more realistic and getting the right wax texture’’, she explained.

Since the materials used in tutorial videos are expensive, she uses materials that she can easily find at home.

‘’It costs a lot to practice but SFX is my passion. I create most of my effects from things available at homes like food color, Vaseline, and tissues. I also use makeup, latex made out of gelatin and cornflour and paints’’, she added.

Razan’s aim is to pursue a career in programming and work on her art at the same time. She has been receiving many professional gigs, but her focus right now is to further sharpen her skills.

‘’I wouldn’t’ say no to a project that really showcases my craft in the spotlight’’, she said.

Razan believes that everyone is special in their own way, and her uniqueness is her SFX artwork.

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  • what the heck. It looks real. Good job now she can be working in the film industry.

  • self-taught artist. amazing job<a href=””>.</a>

  • very well done! i wish tht u have a very successful and blissful life ahead ! good luck.. also i wish kay pakistani film industry or any industry which will showcase ur talent spots you soon! 😉

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