Meet Pakistani ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Najja Who Solved Hundreds Of Cases Of Theft ALONE

Seventy-year old Nazeer Muhammad Najja is Pakistan\’s very own Sherlock Holmes. The older man might be frail, but he is fast, calm, and thoughtful. Najja\’s specialty is tracing footprints. His keen eyes have been used for solving crime in the small town of Sarai Mughal in Kasur district for over 20 years.

Working as a private investigator, Najja has solved countless mysteries and recovered hundreds of stolen cattle for his community without any access to security or surveillance privileges. Every time a crime or robbery occurs, the elderly investigator is summoned to track criminals back to their dens across the Kasur district. According to locals, Najja is the rural neighborhood\’s private eye and can sniff crime back to its origin better than most authorities.

Talking about his skill, Najja said:

I learned everything from the get-go. Every time there would be any theft reports of any kind in my area, I would show up at the crime scene and try to gather as much as I could. Eventually, I taught myself to trace footprints, which became my greatest asset in staying on the heels of crime.

Explaining further, Najja said:

Footprints are the most important of clues. They can tell a lot more about the criminal than the size of their shoes. Observing patterns like the length of the print, its width, its pressure, direction, and the distance from one foot to another, can help ascertain the criminal\’s weight and gender.

Praising Najja, area locals said:

The town\’s most notorious criminals\’ footprints are etched into Najja\’s memory. In case of a familiar print, Najja can almost immediately pinpoint the criminal after examining it from all angles.

It should be noted that tracing footprints is one of the most sensitive tasks. Weather conditions like rain and dust storms can easily ruin footprints. Many criminals also try to erase their marks, but often leave other clues in the process. Najja believes that it\’s essential to almost immediately reach the crime scene to increase the chances of tracking down the criminal.

The elderly investigator also stated that he accepts whatever the plaintiffs offer for his service:

Although many times, there\’d be culprits or people from their association who\’d offer me huge bribes to mislead a plaintiff, I do not accept such offers as a professional.

Speaking to a media outlet, Botha Sabir, a local legal expert, said:

80 percent of Najja\’s estimates have so far proved to be accurate in digging out criminals. Whenever a plaintiff comes to me to register a case, I also include Najja\’s opinion on the petition matter. The nature of the investigator\’s profession means that he always has some enemies on his tail; therefore, he must take care of his safety.

Najja exclaimed:

I think my services may come in handy in tracking criminals in cases like the Lahore Motorway rape incident, which remains unsolved.

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