Do you know THESE Pakistani stars are famous for being anti-social?

Some pretty unexpected names in the list!

The Pakistani Entertainment Industry is synonymous with glamorous parties, lavish venues, gossip-mongers, and a lot of socializing. From the parties till the wee hours to even more exclusive unions of members from the fraternity, these celebrations don’t need any specific reason to have a gala.


However, there are some actors who make sure they stay away from all these unions for several reasons. They are a bit reclusive and don’t believe much in socializing but just stick to their work-commitments and a lot of family time. 

Here we have a list of actors who prefer being at home rather than in parties or socializing with others.


Imran Abbas


Imran Abbas’s off-screen personality is entirely different from his on-screen persona. He is an old soul who grew up in the company of renowned writers and poets leaving a lasting impression on him. His’ off-screen personality outshone in a recent interview with Samina Peerzada. 

Imran avoids socializing altogether because he believes that time is precious, and he is cautious about where he invests his time. He also feels that he is in a position where he does not need to socialize to stay in the game. Therefore he makes good use of the option by ensuring that every interaction ‘profits’ him in some way.



Ayeza Khan


Ayeza Khan is a mother of two beautiful children, and she has mentioned several times that even though she is focused on her work, her family is always a priority. Ayeza stays away from socializing and makes sure that her working hours are such that she has enough time for her family.

In an interview, Ayeza Khan shared that she strictly believed that socialization and parties were not priorities for her.

On the contrary, she wanted to be a role model and show how far hard work can take someone. Even when Mere Pass Tum Ho was such a massive success, Ayeza Khan left the special show early to celebrate her birthday with family. In fact, she only has friends who are connected to her family!



Sarah Khan


Sarah Khan is undoubtedly a household name, but she is also one of those actresses who does not socialize a lot. She likes going to award functions, but she has not attended a single showbiz party so far.


In an interview, she shared that even on sets, she usually reads a book and does not like to talk to anyone. Although she is talkative yet shy at the same time; she takes her time opening up.

She believes that one should be very careful with who they strike a conversation. This is why Sarah heads home right after she is done with her work. She has some close friends in the showbiz industry, but she does not like to socialize in general.


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