This Pakistani Is Starving To Death In Guantanamo And We Have To Do Something About It

The story of a man who is ‘starving to death’ became the topic among people when Imran Khan decided to speak about him and narrated it in The Washington Post.

Khan says that there is a man who is starving to death at the Guantanamo Bay prison and we need to do something about it.
Ahmed Rabbani is a Pakistani and a Guantanamo Bay detainee who is on a hunger strike to claim his rights.

Ahmed’s family belonged to the suppressed Burmese Rohingya community. He lived in Karachi and rolled the wheel of his life by driving a taxi.

Back in 2012, Ahmed was sold to  CIA  for bounty, claiming that he is someone named Hassan Ghul, which he kept insisting isn’t true.

He was held in CIA custody for over 540 days, where he was tortured without approval. He was then rendered to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where he waited for trial or charge for 15 long years.

Giving up to the circumstances and prolonged injustice, Ahmad went on a hunger strike four years back. Under Obama, the protesters were force fed using supplements and basic medical health care to keep their lives safe, which is how Ahmed managed to stay alive.

However, Trump has a new policy for the protesters. They are neither force-fed or provided any medical assistance. Khan also said that his silent and peaceful protest needs recognition. One might say that the entire purpose of a hunger strike is to take his own life, but it is his desperation for justice that he waited 15 years for.

He said Ahmed is a Muslim, and it will run contrary to the teachings to his religion to take his own life. No one has yet spoken about Ahmed or his right to at least a trial, but he feels the need to do so.

Khan urged the moderate Americans to remember the fundamental principles America was created on and understand that Ahmed’s protest is his right. Khan said that we need to collectively ensure that Ahmed is kept alive and safe till his return to his family.

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