VIDEO | Pakistani students create plastic bags that can be eaten

The discovery was made when the supervisor and student were called in a morning show.

A student from Karachi University has come up with an environment-friendly plastic bag that can be eaten. The shopping bag is made from a marine plant and can be mixed with water, or any fluid, and then consumed without any negative effects.

The student’s supervisor said that the plastic can be used for making shopping bags. But, the bag cannot withstand hot liquids, like tea since it dissolves in hot solutions. But, the cold liquids can be carried in the bag for a limited amount of time.

The discovery was made when the supervisor and student were called in a morning show. The host can be seen mixing the plastic and water and then eating it to show that there aren’t any side effects.

This creative discovery can really help in solving the pollution problem across Pakistan that is caused due to the use of non-biodegradable plastic.

Plastic from mangoes:

In a positive step ahead, Pakistani female student successfully manufactured edible plastic from mango seed earlier this year. Researcher Dr. Anjum Feroz from Karachi University, who is pursuing her doctorate in KU’s food science and technology department, came up with the idea. She manufactured it as part of her Ph.D. research project.

The plastic is made using mango waste. Though similar products have been made before, this is the first time it has been created using mango seed. But why did Dr. Feroz choose mangoes?

She wanted to create a solution for Pakistan’s pollution problem, which is particularly sustainable in Pakistan’s context. Pakistan, being the fourth-largest producer of mangoes worldwide, can actualize and benefit from the idea. (READ MORE HERE)

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  • wrong…this not Pakistani students production…it might be copy …its mainly Indonesian who created such bags and other items years ago….

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