Good news for Pakistani students as UK plans to offer extended work visas

Students will be allowed to stay in UK for two years after graduation.

  • UK universities welcome the step taken by the British government on student visas.
  • Overseas students can stay in the country for two years after completing their degrees.



On Wednesday, the government of England has presented plans to let foreign students stay and extend their visas after the completion of their graduation.

The administration led by john Boris has taken the decision to “attract and retain the brightest and best talent”. Thus, the plan will start working from 2020 and will apply to the overseas students of undergraduate level and above.

In 2012 then home secretary Theresa May introduced a scheme that enforced foreign students to leave the country within four months of completing their degrees.

International students breathe the sigh of relief and welcome the new decision of the British government.

“A report published earlier this year says that foreign students who study at university in the UK go on to earn up to 50 per cent more than their British classmates.”

Education department

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson commented, “It is a testament to our world-leading universities that many students from abroad want to study here. The important contribution international students make to our country and universities is both cultural and economic.”

Department of Education said that the new development will allow overseas students to stay in the UK after completing their degrees for two years. Along with higher education, students also need proven records of accomplishment. Which means to have validate immigration checks and other rules on studying in the country.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javed tweeted to welcome the move. “About time. Should have reversed this silly policy years ago. Britain should always be open to the best talent from across the world,” he said.

Pakistani students in the UK

Pakistani students has expressed their anger when Theresa May curbed the time limit in 2012 for international students.

A Pakistani student Aimen Mobin who graduated last year told the source, “I wish this had happened during my time. However, I am glad international students in coming years will be given a time to find a job.

I wish this had happened during my time. However, I am glad international students in coming years will be given a more time frame to find a suitable job.”

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