Pakistani Teacher Nominated For ‘World’s Most Dedicated Teacher’ Award

Ahmed Saya, a renowned Pakistani teacher, has been shortlisted for Cambridge as one of the six nominations for the World’s Most Dedicated Teacher Award 2019. Saya teaches accounts at the Cordoba School for A Level and has been nominated alongside educationists from all across the globe.

On the list of shortlisted teachers are Anthony Chelliah from Sri Lanka,  Candice Green from Australia, Malaysia’s Sharon Kong Foong, Philippines’ Jimrey Dapin and Abhinandan Bhattacharya from India.

The teacher is known for this dedication and commitment towards his profession. He is always reachable for his students whether they need help with something personal or need any guidance academically.

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Saya has been nominated by the Cambridge University Press Education for his unmatched and unprecedented efforts towards the field and profession. Contrary to other, the Cambridge’s site describes him as someone who keeps a regular track of his student’s academic standing to assure they produce the best results.

With adding to their knowledge, he also makes efforts to improve their moral weight and make them a good human overall. Very few teachers make an effort to contribute in such an unusual and meaningful fashion.

“He’ll always be ready to spare his weekends whenever a student needs his help, be it academically or anything personal. I have seen him when CAIEs approach, he spends sleepless nights, conducting extra classes, catering each and every student’s problem so that each one excels. I have never seen someone who checks your homework every day in a class of 100 students just to ensure that each and everyone is on track. He actually deserves this for working so hard to ensure that his students are good humans.” – the Cambridge site wrote for him. 

You can vote for him HERE.

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