Pakistani Teacher Wins World’s Most Dedicated Teacher Award for 2019

This Pakistani teacher has made the country proud – the second time in one week! A few days back we posted about Ahmed Saya from Karachi being nominated among the notable educationists among the world for Cambridge’s World’s Most Dedicated Teacher Award. Bringing honour to the country, Ahmed Saya has won the award. His win was announced on Thursday on Twitter.

”We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2019 Dedicated Teacher Award goes to… Ahmed Saya from Cordoba School for A Level in Pakistan. Well done to Ahmed and all our finalists!” – wrote Cambridge Education.

Ahmed is known among his student community as an extremely competent and accommodating teacher. With being academically helpful, he is also there for his students, guiding them in matters concerning their personal lives.

He has been teaching Accounts and Mathematics for nearly two decades now. In his 18 years’ experience, he has enjoyed popularity among students that no one else could while maintaining the best results. Throughout his career, he has been committed to improving. He attained ACCA, MBA and received a BS degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University during it, strengthening his academic credibility more.

“It’s an honour and achievement from me and for my country that I have been shortlisted from teachers in 140 countries’’ – Ahmed said, speaking to a local news source.

He said he is committed to the cause and wants to show the difference power of education can make. He added that 25 million children are not fortunate enough to afford quality education, which is no less than a crisis. Speaking about what makes him the ‘best teacher’, Saya said he tries to do something more than only covering the syllabus.

“I take full responsibility for my students, not just in completing their syllabus but also teaching them character, ethics and morality” – he said.

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