WATCH: Pakistani teenagers create an interesting ‘game’ to spread awareness about COVID-19

The game is solely designed to eliminate any kind of misconceptions that exist about COVID-19.


To help in the fight against COVID-19, two youngsters from Pakistan have developed a game to raise awareness about the novel virus. The game is solely designed to eliminate any kind of misconceptions that exist about COVID-19 and is an innovative way of developing behavioral changes.

The game works on the ‘gamification principles’ and is made in a way that would inspire individuals to learn more about the pandemic and how to fight it.


‘STOP the SPREAD’ has been developed by 13-year-old Nabhan and a 14-year-old Kenan. They first came up with the idea of this game in February. It was released in April this year and has about six levels.

The first 4 levels educate the players about preventive measures and help them understand and learn more about the nature of the virus and neglect any myths.

The levels after 4th are advanced, and you can unlock them once the players are done learning new facts about the virus and are taking the precautionary measures accordingly in public places.

If you make it to the final level, you are recognized as a ‘warrior’ and ‘fighter’ who has behaved responsibly and helped in defeating the pandemic.

The game is a smart idea and also a much-needed one because Pakistan is not only fighting the pandemic but also ignorance.

According to a survey, a vast majority of Pakistanis are still not taking the virus seriously and consider it a hoax, which is why it is important to educate more and more people about COVID-19.

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