[VIDEO] Pakistani TikTok star bought a luxurious limousine from US and people are shook!

He imported the Toyota Lexus Tundra world-class limo from the USA. 

Today as in the beginning, the limousine is the most conspicuous example of expensive and luxurious ground transportation. It symbolizes anything from pure consumption to great power, since government officials worldwide use them. It also symbolizes special occasions such as weddings, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and major awards ceremonies.

Recently, a Pakistani TikTok star, Shahroz, has taken his limo entirely beyond the usual standard of lavish and includes a ridiculous amount of features, amenities, and tech.

Shahroz owns the only model of 2018 limousine in the country. He imported the Toyota Lexus Tundra world-class limo from the USA. 

In a recent interview, upon being asked how he developed an interest in cars, the TikTok star said, “My father has a car business, and ever since childhood, I have sat in several big cars. Probably that is why I have so much interest in cars. Over time the models and brands kept changing, but the only thing constant was to a dream to have luxurious cars.”

The TikTok star has had a limo before as well. However, it was an old model. Shahroz says, “I had this craze for getting the latest model of limo made and to bring it to Pakistan. So I went to America and got this made in about six months, especially for Pakistan.”

Shahroz shared that the car is a left-handed drive with a 5700 cc engine. Moreover, the limo is of Toyota Tundra, 200 inches stretch, with front vertical doors along with back doors. 

What makes the car so special are its features. The limo has LED lights, foldable seats, multimedia steering with a digital meter, and original TV navigation. Not only that, but the car also has four airbags on the front.

Shahroz has a private mechanic for the car at home. The parts of the limo are not available in the country either, and therefore he has to import them from the US when needed. Lastly, he shares that he bought this for about 5 lac dollars. 

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