Pakistani Twitter has found a new meme and it is ‘Colonel ki biwi’

Well, that is creative!


Pakistani Twitter had a field day after a video of a woman misbehaving with police personnel went viral.

The video showed a woman, claiming to be the wife of a senior Army officer, abusing the police for stopping her at the checkpoint. One of the on-duty officers recorded the video and posted it on social media. It went viral within minutes.

Here’s the video that viral:

According to details, the incident took place on the Havelian motorway. The road was closed but the woman asked the police officials to make an exemption for her and allow her to go because she is the wife of an army officer. 

When the personnel told her that they cannot do that, she lost her temper and started to abuse them.

Social media was enraged after seeing the video and ”#کرنل_کی_بیویی” became the top twitter trend. While some criticized the privilege and entitlement army officers enjoy in Pakistan, others had the most amusing and entertaining memes for the situation.

Here are a few of the best ones!

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  • what a horrendous human being this lady is

    she deserves all of the hate she is getting

    well done Pakistan.

  • Colonel ki Biwi…has just misbehaved with a police officer which is culpable or unwarranted.
    But how about Captain ki Biwi…Maryam Safdar?…
    Who has stolen Hundreds of billions of Rupees from this poor country.  

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