Pakistani Wildlife Photograph Wins Best of Nation Award at World Photographic Cup 2019

Nature has blessed us with gifts to cherish, unmatched and unequaled. When the hope starts to decline and there seems to be no way out, a breeze of fresh air breathes a new life. And when you capture these ordinary activities in a photograph, it is an effortless and stunning piece of art.

One such piece of art was showcased in front of the entire world that compelled the viewers to be completely awestruck, praising the sight they saw. Chirping birds became a photographer delight, leaving the public stunned, bringing their attention to minor details of the nature.

The photograph was captured by Tariq Hameed Sulemani. The dedicated Pakistani submitted the masterpiece to World Photographic Cup 2019 and has won the Best of Nation Award 2019, making us all proud.

World Photographic Cup receives entries from all across the world and seeing a Pakistani win it, especially when photography is an under-appreciated field in the country, is absolutely joyful.

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Photographing his passion, Tariq Hameed Sulemani wishes to save Pakistan’s dying birds through his lens. After being touched by nature’s magic and seeing the wildlife dying as an aftermath of active pesticides use in Pakistan, he picked up his camera and decided to send magic through his talent. While the majority of Pakistan remains unaware of his work, many Western photographers have visited Pakistan inspired by Sulemani’s work. His work has been an ambassador for Pakistan.
Sulemani says that while the West treats their talent with dignity, Pakistan has no respect for it.
“They (Western people) treat us like artists, but here in Pakistan we have no copyrights protection, no acknowledgement or earning from creative photography” – he said earlier speaking to a local news source. 
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