Pakistani woman honored with IBM’s highest award

Pakistani woman scientist Asma Zaheer has been honoured with IBM’s highest prestigious award “Best of IBM 2019”.


Asma Zaheer, a computer scientist from Pakistan, has been presented with the ‘’Best of IBM 2019’’ award that the highest prestige award by IBM.

This week, senior leaders from Big Blue reached Bali, an Indonesian province, with their guests and about one thousand BOIs (Best of IBM Honorees).

The honorees have played a significant role in bringing IBM back to the number one spot in growth in not only Artificial Intelligence but also Analytics, Cyber Security and Hybrid Cloud. Winners for Best of IBM 2019 were selected from all units and roles in business. People were selected on the basis that they enhanced the success of their clients, company and the entire world at large. The people who worked day and night and fulfilled their aim of bringing success and accelerating business growth were prioritized for the award.

The present chairman, CEO and president of IBM, Ms Virginia Marie ‘Ginni’ Rometty, supervised the event and appreciated the efforts of the vital members. By handing out the awards, she made Ms Asma Zaheer the first ever Computer Scientist from Pakistan to receive this award.

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Asma did her undergraduate in Computer Science from Punjab University and later on, did masters from FAST or the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore. She has been a member of IBM since 2013 and has been working as an IGNITE & Test Innovation Practice Leader for the company’s CIC (Global Business Services, Client Innovation Centre).

Asma’s fundamental department of interest is cloud computing, cognitive computing systems and analytics. By reaching this milestone, she sets an amazing example for the upcoming generations majoring in the same department. She is a role model for the juniors, someone they can look up to.

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