Pakistan’s Chinese brides: Married and sold, women share their horrifying experience

Chinese men marry Pakistani women and then sell them into prostitution.

Pakistan’s Chinese brides are forced into prostitution.


Pakistani authorities, on Monday, have arrested 8 men involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution. Pakistan’s Chinese brides are lured and married, and later sold in prostitution. The horrific claims of human trafficking lead to authorities probing an investigation into the matter, leading to them apprehending a Lahore-based gang involved in the heinous crime.

The gang comprised of three men and one woman from Pakistan as well. The active human trafficking gang was arrested from a house in a private society in Lahore. FIA is further investigating in the matter.

The plight of these women is unheard of and neglected. Illegal marriage bureaus usually arrange marriages between the couples, producing fake documents of Chinese men and promising the girls a ‘bright’ future. However, once married, the helpless girls are caught up in a network which doesn’t have an exit door.

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Pakistan’s Chinese brides are then stuck in a culture they barely know, the language they hardly understand and with nowhere to go back. Making it one of the worst human right crisis of current times, the fate of these poor women is unknown. No one knows how many have been caught up in this network yet.

What do they face? The victim speaks:

“He got my number from our relatives. They called us and came home to see me” – a victim shared her chilling experience while speaking to Samaa TV.

“He came to see me with three other men.” – she added. 

Chinese men arrested for ‘selling Pakistani women after marrying them’


She added that she was told the man has some problem with her knee, but when she saw him, he was completely paralyzed. These gangs mostly target under-privileged Christian women, promise them a good future, monthly pocket money, cellphones, etc. They produce fake documents showing them as Muslims or Christians.

“After a few days, I came to know that he wasn’t a Christian.” – the victim said. 

After that, she was asked to do indecent acts. She told that they insisted to take her to the club and said she will get good money in return.

The victim claimed Chinese men also sell children:


She also claimed that Chinese men sell children. The applicant told the said news source that they had them eat medicine for pregnancy.

The victim, Saima Iqbal said that another reason why these gangs are active in Pakistan is because of CPEC and the business opportunities here. For all of those reasons, it makes it easy for these men to trap women and make them believe.

In conclusion, Pakistani authorities need to play their part to stop further incidents of this nature.

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