Pakistani women share their ages, dresses they were wearing when they first experienced harassment

Here's what women have to share

Prime Minister Imran Khan has been facing a torrent of criticism after blaming a surge in sexual violence on women wearing “very few clothes” because men are not “robots.”

During his recent interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios HBO, the PM said, “If a woman is wearing very few clothes, it’ll have an impact on the men, unless they are robots. It is just common sense.”

In Pakistan, the burden of molestation and harassment often falls on the victim and their clothes, not the harasser.

Pakistani women have been taking to Twitter to talk about what they were wearing when harassed, and none of it constitutes “little clothes.”

Here is what they have to say:

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  • They missed the point of what Imran Khan was saying. He was saying that most of the incidents do not get reported so law alone cannot solve the problem. It will need a multi pronged approach and once aspect is the Islamic guidance that women should dress modestly. He did not say that it is the victim’s dressing that is directly responsible. He said that in general when the women dress in an immodest manner, it has an impact on men, which in the absence of outlets like night clubs and dating may result in increase in rape when an opportunity arises. The dressing of rape victim directly is not relevant.

  • This ghadha PM has learnt his Islamic studies from Sufi Bushra Bibi. He should have learnt Islamiat by reading English translation ( as he can’t read Urdu and it’s a fact) of Quraan by himself.

    Simple answer to host’s question was something like this…”Islam orders men to lower their gaze and women to dress modestly. As far as rapes are concerned, Islam orders very severe punishment for the rapists”.

    What was the need to start lecturing the host on women issue? Sometimes, the less you speak, better it is for you.

  • Yeh baat khan sahib nay ki he nahi keh orton ko unkay chotay libas ki waja se haraasaan kia jaata hay. Unhon nay kaha hay keh chotay kapray mardon kay jazbaat ko ubhartay hain aur phir wo apnay ird gird kisi bhi kamzor ko dekh ker hamla aawar ho jata hay. Ab yeh chotay kapray waliayan ziadah tar movies aur internet per hoti hain jo zahir hay mujrim ki pohanch main nahi hoteen. Is material ko kam karna hay aur iski zumedaari jitni hakomat ki hay utni waldain ki bhi hay.

  • Harassment is done by animals and not humans – a hyena doesn’t care what someone is wearing when hungry. These animals need to be treated like animals when put down if the country’s law allows. However, one can reduce the chance of this by taking precautions. It will not remove it as the harassment can happen in one’s own home.

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