Pakistani YouTuber Shot And Killed While Filming Prank

The scope of YouTube has seen an increase in Pakistan over the past few years. More youth is specifically contributing their energy to YouTube, trying to turn it into a full-time profession. However, all of this has taken a sad turn as a YouTuber was shot dead while filming a video with his friends.

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On his channel Lahori Vines, Rana Zuhair along with his friends Abdul Satoor and Hasnat Ali used to go around in the streets of Lahore and shoot harmless pranks for their online audience. The YouTube star was filming a ghost prank, in which he was dressed up as a ghost and was scaring people in public areas. All was going well but things took a turn and he was shot dead. Both of his friends are taken in custody by the police and will remain there until further investigation.

Social Media’s influence on the lives of people has drastically increased. Challenges like ‘momo challenge’ or the blue whale game gained quite the popularity, making people commit suicide for the sake of a game. All of the pranks that were carried out by Rana Zuhair and his friends were very harmless and so was this prank. The trio did it for the sake of fun and as a source of entertainment for their audience, but it can be seen that not all people enjoy when it comes to such pranks.

This is why it is utmost necessary for people to think about the consequences before carrying out activities like this.

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