Pakistanis Among World’s Highest Percentage Of Women UN Peacekeepers

Pakistani UN peacekeeping soldiers taking part in a ceremony in South Kivu, DR Congo. (MONUSCO)

Pakistan has some of the highest numbers of United Nations (UN) women peacekeepers in the world.

This was disclosed by the EU envoy to Pakistan on Twitter on Sunday, a day after the ‘International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.’

“Did you know that Pakistan has one of the highest percentages of women Peacekeepers in the world ?” Androulla Kaminara, the Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Pakistan tweeted on Sunday.

Earlier on Saturday, the foreign ministry acknowledged the country’s contributions to the UN in maintaining security and stability worldwide.

“As one of the top troop-contributing nations, Pakistan deeply values the important role executed by ‘blue helmets’ in keeping security and stability in many conflict-ridden areas globally,” the Foreign Office (FO) said in a statement.

It also stated that Pakistan had led the trend in deputing female peacekeepers in “record time.”

“A team of our officers is presently serving as the first all-female group from the country in a UN peacekeeping mission, deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),” the FO said.

These officers provide a range of resources to the region including working as operations officers, logistics officers, psychologists, vocational training officers, stress counselors, gender advisers, doctors, nurses, and information officers.

“Since 1960, over 200,000 of our servicepeople have served with honor and bravery in 46 UN missions in 26 states in almost all regions of the world,” the statement read.

Pakistan brings a “unique outlook to peacekeeping,” the FO said, not only as a leading troop-contributing nation but also as host to one of the oldest peacekeeping missions globally.

According to data by the foreign ministry, 157 of Pakistan’s peacekeepers have been martyred in the line of duty for the cause of global peace and security.

The South Asian country’s contributions to UN peacekeeping span for over six decades.

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