Pakistanis applaud Dr Yasmin Rashid for fighting a battle on two fronts: Breast cancer and COVID-19

Pakistanis appreciate the 70-year-old for working day and night tirelessly while battling cancer.

Media outlets reported that Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid reviewed the emerging pandemic situation and the status of available and required facilities in Pakistan on Monday. Citizens applauded her unwavering efforts to deal with the emergency caused by the pandemic.

According to reports, Dr. Rashid underwent breast cancer surgery five months ago. Her treatment was successful, but she is still undergoing chemo. However, she can be seen working tirelessly during the widespread coronavirus in the country. Pakistanis appreciate the 70-year-old for working day and night tirelessly while battling cancer.

Not only is she an unsung hero of the country, but a role model for all politicians, ministers, and doctors. Dr. Rashid’s dedication to her work is an accurate description of ‘serving the people’ while fighting a battle both inside and out.

Here is what people are saying about Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid:

Recent works by Dr. Rashid

Recently, the Health Minister reviewed the capacity of the healthcare system and the status of the availability of more beds for Covid-19 patients. Special Secretary SH&ME Silwat Saeed and Consultant Asad Aslam Khan updated her on the status of availability of beds, oxygenated beds, and other facilities.

Addressing the public, Dr. Rashid said:

We are increasing the reserved beds for Corona patients at government hospitals. We are now increasing the number of ventilators and oxygenated beds due to the rising number of cases. The situation is being monitored daily.

The Health Minister further added:

All directions of the NCOC are being monitored, and all SOPs are being implemented. We are constantly in touch with the NDMA for ventilators. Oxygen stock and supply are adequate. I request people to use masks. All required facilities for Corona patients are available at public sector hospitals. The vaccination process is underway as per target in Punjab.

However, despite all her efforts, people are still not complying with the SOPs. Amid the alarming increase in Covid-19 cases, still many individuals are seen stepping out of their homes without a mask. Food outlets in major cities of Pakistan continue to serve food to customers after Iftar and before Sehri, with little to no SOPs being followed.

Pakistan has reported 4,487 new coronavirus cases and 142 deaths in the last 24 hours. Indeed, the country has entered a state of chaos and turmoil with the emergence of the third wave of coronavirus.

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