Pakistanis Are Absolutely Loving Money Heist’s Pakistan Connection, Twitter Reacts

The fourth installment of the hit Spanish television series, Money Heist, has taken the internet by storm since its release on Netflix on friday.

Money Heist started from the brain behind the operation, The Professor, thinking that his beloved, Raquel Murillo, has been executed by the police. Meanwhile, situation inside the Bank of Spain is also tense as Nairobi has taken a sniper shot through the window.

But there’s more than what Professor plans on doing which has got the Pakistani fans of Money Heist excited. After hiring a group of Pakistani hackers to track data and provide necessary information.

The Professor has this time hired a Pakistani doctor who virtually assists Nairobi’s surgery. Dr. Ahmed guides Tokyo to remove bullet from Nairobi’s body to save her life before the Spanish police gets to know about the communication from inside the bank to the outside.

Just as last time, the Money Heist’s Pakistan connection has also got everyone talking on social media.

Here’s How Twitter Reacted;

On the other hand, the Pakistani hackers hired by the professor are still carrying out important tasks for the him during season 4.


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