Pakistanis donate Rs. 500 billion yearly in the name of Zakat and Charity

In Pakistan, people donate Rs. 500 billion as charity and Zakat every year. The figure makes up about 3% of the country’s GDP. Not just this, but it is also among the highest percentages in the world based on per capita income.

A seminar was held in Sukkur on ‘Haq Haqdar Tak’ by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, MYMA Com and Pakistan Peace Collective Program. MYMA Com chief coordinator Nabil Imiaz said that Pakistanis were giving donations and zakat but the majority was unaware of their purpose and usage.

He said that the people are trying to create interfaith harmony and eliminate religious extremism. Nabil added that thousands of charity organizations are working in social welfare and development sectors.

These sectors include healthcare, economic uplift of individuals and communities and education.

It is crucial to use these donations to help genuine victims by raising awareness, which will also help curb terror financing.


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