[WATCH] Expatriate reveals how Pakistanis are facing unlawful discrimination in UAE in exclusive audio message

'If you have problem standing here then go to Imran Khan'

  • Pakistanis have been facing unlawful discrimination in the UAE.
  • In an exclusive interview with Siasat.pk, an expatriate shared how Pakistanis have been treated differently in the Gulf country.

discrimination with Pakistanis

The United Arab Emirates authorities have been unlawfully discriminating against Pakistanis.

In a video message, an anonymous expatriate, said, “I have been living in the Middle East for the last 21 years, and I never faced racism until recently.”

He said, “Last night, I was traveling to Abu Dhabi from Dubai with a friend. There is a checkpoint along the way where the authorities check your corona test.”

“When my colleague and I reached there, they verified our Emirates IDs and asked us to wait with other 50 people who were already standing in a queue.

Discrimination with Pakistanis

“After a while, a policeman came to us and said that people who were Indian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, or even Baluchis-the indigenous peoples of Baluchistan, Pakistan- could go, while only Pakistanis will stay here. They also collected our mobile phones and kept us waiting for hours.”

He added, “When people protested against the discrimination, the UAE authorities then openly used daunting words against Prime Minister Imran Khan.”

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