Pakistanis build largest non-profit health facility in the region in Dubai

Dr. Nighat Aftab, President of PAD’s Medical Wing, said that the initiative started a few years ago with a few doctors and now has expanded its services. 


  • PMC is the largest and also the first health care center initiative of its kind.
  • It is the biggest that has been formed by any overseas community, which is also open to all nationalities
  • The project is finally in its completion phases and has been acknowledged and endorsed by media personalities. 

Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), an initiative formed by Pakistan expats in Dubai, is the biggest of its nature in the entire region. PAD has treated more than approximately 26,000 patients in need of financial and medical assistance ever since its inception in 2009.

By the end of this year, free services will be extended to GCC’s first non-profit health care facility to be formed by any other expat community: Pakistan Medical Center (PMC), a 24/7 facility built brick-by-brick by Pakistani expats.

“Besides diabetes, I have high blood pressure too and am so happy that I get treated free of cost and medicine is not charged,” said Gul Begum, a chronic diabetes patient who has been visiting the facility for the past five years.

How is the fundraising campaign different?


What sets PAD apart is its fundraising campaign, which they refer to as ‘own-a-brick’ initiative. It gives the community members an opportunity to sponsor 17,000 bricks, each costing AED 1,000. The total cost of the project is AED 17 million. 80% of the project has been completed already.

“We hope that by November, we will have all licensing procedures in place so that we can have a formal opening soon after,” Dr. Feisal Ikram, the president of PAD, said speaking to an international news source.

”The center would be open for all nationalities as part of the UAE’s vision of tolerance and social cohesion,” he added. 

“We are not only asking for money but also engaging the community at all levels and giving them an opportunity to be part of a bigger organization and project,” Dr. Feisal Ikram added. 

Dr. Nighat Aftab, President of PAD’s Medical Wing, said that the initiative started a few years ago with a few doctors and now has expanded its services.

“We started seeing patients with chronic and acute diseases such as diabetes, cardiac issues, hypertension, children with fever and dental problems and so on, on the last Friday of every month,” she told the said news source.

When the free medical camp was established, it treated about 150 people and 15 doctors played their role. Now the number of patients has increased to 400, and 40 volunteer doctors.

“We thought, what if we could give more services? And then the law was changed… allowing a social club to have medical services,” Aftab said that PMC is now taking a new shape.

With doctors, women, and students are also volunteering their time at the center and medical camp.

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  • Mashallah, Pakistani people are damn hypocrite, they treat people like animals within the Pakistan but in abroad they are erecting model buildings. EOFS!

    • They’re not given the opportunities in Pakistan. Check all overseas Pakistanis, they are all doing tremendous jobs in their respected countries

  • It’s good to build such facility anywhere, however these docs and professionals first address such need in Pak and Africa before oil rich UAE. Now, surprisingly they are looking for donations,

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