Pakistanis Making A Comeback To Avenge India’s Free Balochistan Campaign – See Exclusive Images Here

Previously, Indians have been leading a planned campaign to sabotage Pakistan’s image in the form of ‘’free Balochistan’’. The campaign was seen leaving its mark in America and the UK in the form of billboards having infuriating taglines and manipulating how allegedly ‘’humanity is being abused” in Balochistan.

After the planned drive started gaining more heat Pakistanis are making a comeback with their campaign under the name #bleedingparadise. This is objected to raising awareness about Indian army’s brutality in Kashmir. The billboards contain heart-wrenching images of innocent Kashmiris wounded by pellet guns that have made them lose their eyesight and suffer for the rest of their lives. The entire world has outrageously spoken against the brutal use of pellet guns and gross human rights violation by Indians but the situation has not improved.




The boards also include how rape is being used as a weapon of war and thousands of women, recorded or unrecorded, have been used as a weapon. It is an established fact that Kashmiris have been deprived of basic rights including freedom of speech and anyone who has tried to speak against it have been silenced with the treatment that no human being deserves.

The universal declaration of human rights categorically states that every individual has the right to freedom, liberty, and security but even the precedents set by modern society have not convinced the Indian army to stop the violation, brutality and shameful treatment of Kashmiri people. It is horrifying how even in today’s society where everyone has open forums and platforms to raise their voice, oppression and injustice are still rampant in this beautiful land.

An Indian Diplomat Checking The Campaign In UK

The entire world has become insensitive to how generations after generations are suffering here and has denied any interference in this dispute ongoing since 1947. Millions wounded, thousands killed and hundreds raped couldn’t wake our inner human up and hopefully, the world will listen to their cries anytime soon. But for now, we can only pray for it.

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