From Esra Bilgic to Waseem Akram, when will Pakistanis stop moral policing on the internet?

Everybody knows that Pakistanis have a keen interest in moral policing.

Social media has truly become an unforgiving and relentless medium. Celebrities’ lives have always been a public property as they have been shamed and trolled for almost every other picture or post.

Mahira Khan

A few months ago, A famous Pakistani actress Mahira Khan shared a picture of a cup full of tea on her official Instagram. The actress was trolled by a social media user who tried to school Mahira by handing over the Islamic country, but she stopped the troller by brilliantly answering her.

Esra Bilgic

The Turkish actress, Esra Bilgiç, best known for portraying Halime Sultan in the famous drama serial Dirilis: Ertugrul, may have stayed calm and patient for a long time. As troves of Pakistani fans invaded her Instagram comments section with unwanted advice, but she is not staying silent anymore.

Bilgic politely responded to the troll’s comment, “Please don’t wear such dresses Halima baji, not good,” saying, “Let me give you an advice: Do not follow me, thank you.”

Waseem Akram

The latest online trolling victim is none other than the ‘king of swing’ and legendary Pakistani cricketer Waseem Akram.

After the cricketer posted a photograph of himself walking with his six-year-old daughter, a fan in all of his moral policing glory advised that Akram should “follow Islam” and dress his daughter accordingly.

The fast bowler reacted to the suggestion and told the fan to mind his own business.

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  • If you present yourself as a public figure that leads to people making comments. You can’t pick & choose. Problem is this all these celebrities & big wigs in our country are beyond reproach & their fight back is ok but the little guy gets crushed.

  • Personal life isn’t anyone’s business. Who the hell are you to tell waseem akram, how his daughter should be dressed. GET LOST!

  • People are stupid….
    Wasn’t Wasim Akram in the commercial from liquor company? He is a liberal and does care about religion.

  • They do these activities cuz we ppl help them to increase their ratings. Instead of just typed comments Ppl should stop to give a watch to them in such rough manners, it will definitely make them to realize when they will find out their minimize fan following due to these gestures …

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