How many Pakistanis were actually using the popular dating app Tinder?

Although dating is a taboo in Pakistan, especially for women, Tinder was amassing users.

Although Tinder has been blocked now, the app was contributing to the rise in online dating in Pakistan.

A study conducted by the Indonesian Journal of Communication Studies revealed that the number of Pakistanis making profiles on Tinder was gradually increasing. Moreover, it was found that most of Pakistan\’s Tinder users came from major cities, including Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. Research showed that the ages of these users were usually between 18 – 40 years.

What did Pakistani users think about Tinder?

Although dating is a taboo in Pakistan, especially for women, Tinder was amassing users. Many online daters state that Tinder enabled them to control their sexuality. A user said:

I have been using the Tinder app for two years. Although the experience has been \’liberating\’, many Pakistani men are not used to the idea of women taking control of their sexuality and dating lives. Pakistani women are often expected to preserve their family\’s \’honor\’.

Another 28-year-old woman shared her Tinder story:

I met my husband on Tinder, but we do not tell people that. We say to the world we were set up on our first date by mutual friends. When I started, it was more for entertainment, to see what\’s out there. I didn\’t take any matches seriously. But then I wanted to close this \’\’final\’\’ chapter and meet someone on my terms.

Why were Pakistanis using Tinder?

The study mentioned above highlighted 7 major reasons Pakistanis were using Tinder:

  1. To hook-up
  2. To explore personal identity
  3. To build relationships
  4. To pass time
  5. To relax
  6. To communicate
  7. To make friends

The survey concluded that Pakistani users identified Tinder as a platform that fulfilled their psychological and social needs because it helped them find someone to talk to when they were lonely.

In Pakistan, other than co-educational institutions and the workplace, there are hardly any spaces for single individuals to mingle and meet new people. Customs do not allow men and women to interact beyond their immediate social circle or be more independent-minded.

However, the significant rise in Tinder users stated otherwise. Not just Tinder, applications like MuzMatch, and Bumble are popular amongst people in Pakistan. Bumble is specifically popular among feminists.

These stats only prove that young people will always seek out and find spaces to connect with others. In Pakistan, most of that space is \’online\’. Most social interactions here are condensed to a series of photos and one-line descriptions.

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  • Without Tinder how will kusra gandus like bilawal bhutto meet other kanjars, also PMLN no doubt use tinder to meet other harami’s.

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