Pakistanis, women, children among 134 executed in Saudi Arabia

3 of these were children, political opponents, human rights campaigners, and clerics.

In the year 2019, Saudi Arabia has executed 134 people until now. 6 of these 134 were children when they were arrested by the police.

These figures were announced at the session of the United Nation (UN) Human Rights Council in Geneva. However, the kingdom has been speaking against the death penalty and has pledged to decrease its use. In the year 2018, 149 were killed through the death penalty, 46 left on death row by the end of the year.

3 of these were children, political opponents, human rights campaigners, and clerics.

This year, out of the said number, 3 are women and 51 others who were facing drug charges, which would be minor offenses everyone else in the world.

As revealed by Baroness Helena Kennedy’s report, 46 have been killed. The kingdom is resorting to execution at an alarming rate in recent months. The report also told that 24, including 3 children, are at high risk. The methods involved are crucifixion and beheading. This report was revealed at an event hosted by human rights organization ‘The Death Penalty Project’.

The light was shed upon this one mass killing where 37 men were put to death in public. It occurred in the month of April 2019.

It was also added that the abuses have worsened by torturing detainees, along with unfair trials which lead to death sentences.

JPP condemns the beheading of Pakistani prisoner Mohammad Imran:

Imran, a laborer from Chichawatni, has been executed as well. Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) actively campaigned for his life but could not save him. Belonging to Chichawatni, Imran went to Saudi Arabia in August 2011 for employment and better quality of life.

As per JPP, there are about to 11,000 Pakistanis stuck in jails across the world. Among them, 7,000 of them are in the Middle East.

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